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What We Offer

Royal Hospice

Royal Hospice provides a place of peace along with comfort. Coping with a loss loved one can be difficult and overwhelming but with great service and dedication, the end of life journey can be a pleasant and peaceful transition.  Royal Hospice prides itself on having a staff that can provide exceptional care in accomplishing the best experience, for both the patient and their family, with a goal to exceed expectations.


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Experience the Royal Difference

What Sets Us APART

We offer individualized care for patients and families. The care we give individually and as a team to our patients and their loved ones is genuine, compassionate and serves the whole person.

Family Owned & Operated

Unlike larger corporations, you will receive flexible care from our team. We have an actively involved owner who meets with patients and their familes and is involved in day to day decisons.

Patient Focused Care

Having a nurse practitioner as our Executive Director is a huge advantage Royal Hospice brings to the table. Her experience in the field allows us to approach our care from a patient first standpoint.

People & Process

We have a tenured and experienced team in comparison to other hospice agencies. This allows us to develop and provide a personalized care plan that meets the patient’s needs.

Customized Care Plans

We like to think of ourselves as the bus driver. You choose your route and we help guide you to your destination. Our services are not cookie cutter and we understand that your care plan may require exceptions. 

Routine Care

Care is provided wherever a patient calls home.

This is the most common level of hospice care and represents the provision of hospice services designed to support a patient and family to live their best life possible in the environment where they feel safe and comfortable.

General Inpatient Care

Care is provided in a medical facility with 24/7 nursing such as a hospice inpatient unit, skilled nursing facility or hospital.

This care is designed to provide 24/7 skilled care on a short-term basis. This care is for a patient in crisis due to symptoms or rapid decline that cannot be safely managed in the patient’s home setting.

Continuous Care

Care is provided wherever a patient calls home.

This care is designed to provide additional short-term support in the patient’s home when there are crisis-like symptoms that need to be safely managed by hospice experts.

Respite Care

Care is provided in a facility contracted with your hospice such as hospice inpatient unit or skilled nursing facility.

This care is designed to give family, friends, or other primary caregivers some valuable time off from the honorable service they are providing to the patient.