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Royal Hospice Customer Reviews

Our experience with Royal Hospice was truly heartfelt and wonderful from beginning to end. We had no idea what to expect and, like many families, had never experienced the need to sign up for hospice. The Royal Hospice team treated us like an important and loved family member. They listened to us. They spent time with us. They really got to know our family and most importantly my Dad. We felt safe, we felt valued, we felt educated and although you can never be prepared, we knew that we were well supported.


Happy Customer

In a flooded market of hospice companies, Royal Hospice stands out as a leading service provider in the Valley. The CNA’s, Nurses and supporting staff are compassionate in their duties for the patient and patient families. End of life situations shouldn’t lead to be ‘cooky cutter’ solutions. I prefer a smaller hospice because they are flexible in end of life care solutions, plus you get the same staff from week-to-week to care for your loved one. Royal Hospice. A better choice in a small hospice company.


Facilities Manager

Adam A. from Royal Hospice is such an asset to the team-he has made it very easy to work w/ them on several of my patients. My patients rave about how empathetic he is and how well things are explained to them when it comes to making difficult end of life decisions. I truly appreciate the work that Adam and his team do.


Referring Doctor

The Royal Hospice team is amazing. Every staff member that comes to our facility is professional, friendly and truly takes great care of our residents. It has been a pleasure getting to work with this group!


Care Coordinator

Our families time with Royal was short, but oh so sweet. They took care our every need, many we didn’t ever know we needed. I will always refer family, friends, and neighbors, anyone who inquiries about Hospice care at it’s finest! ROYAL is the finest!


Client Family Member

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