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Most Common Myths
About Hospice Care

There is a lot of misleading information and common misconcepts about Hospice Care. Our goal is to bring attention to these myths and educate you so you can make the best decision for you and your loved ones.


Myth: Hospice is a place where patients receive care.

Fact: Hospice is a service that a patient can receive anywhere he or she call home, ie. Private Residence, Group Home, Assisted Living, Long Term Care Facility, Independent Living, or a Nursing Home.


Myth: Hospice will cause me to lose my insurance.

Fact: Insurance companies pay for hospice. If a patient has Medicare Part A, there are zero expenses for hospice. If a patient has Private Insurance, the service may cost little to nothing with a co-pay.


Myth: I will lose control over my decision making or the decision making of my loved one.

Fact: Hospice does not come in and take over. The Care Plan for each patient is created with participation from the patient, family, friends and caregivers. That means if there is something you are uncomfortable taking or giving up, you have the right to say no.


Myth: I am a Full Code and therefore I do not qualify for Hospice Care.

Fact: You do NOT have to be a Do Not Resuscitate to be on Hospice. This is part of the decision making process that you and your family, friends and caregivers are a part of.


Myth: I do not want to leave my current Primary Care Physician.

Fact: You do not have to leave your Primary Care Physician behind. He or she can either follow your care on Hospice as the Attending Physician or intermittently follow your care through communicating with the Hospice.


Myth: Hospice is giving up and loosing hope.

Fact: Unlike other medical care, hospice focuses exclusively on a person’s comfort and dignity near life’s end with a team of professionals that help support the medical, emotional, social and spiritual needs for the patient and their families.


Myth: Hospice is for people whose death is days away.

Fact: Hospice looks to provide care for those who are assessed up to 6 months before an expected death, allowing for the interdisciplinary team to help the patient and the family during the transition.


Myth: Once I choose hospice there is no turning back.

Fact: Individuals are free to leave a hospice program anytime for any reason without penalty. Re-enrollment in another hospice program is permitted if the medical eligibility criteria is met.


Myth: Hospice Companies are al the same.

Fact: All hospice companies are run by the same guidelines as Medicare outlines, however, each one is unique in their approach to care and the additional services they provide.


Myth: I do not want to stop taking my medication and go on Morphine.

Fact: Hospice does NOT discontinue any medication without the consent of the patient, family or caregiver. Morphine is not used in Hospice until the very end and that is only to make the patient comfortable.