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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Hospice Paid For?

Hospice is paid for by your insurance company, ie. Medicare, Medicaid or Private Insurance. There may be a small co-pay depending on the type of insurance coverage but you would be informed before receiving Hospice services.

If I want Hospice, how do I sign up for services?

The first choice is to go through your Primary Care Physician and ask if he or she feels you are appropriate for Hospice services. They can write an order and contact a hospice of YOUR choosing. The second choice is to contact the Hospice of YOUR choosing and they will reach out to your Primary Care Physician for you. Don’t have a doctor? No problem, our Medical Practitioner can come out to do an assessment to determine if you are appropriate for services.

Isn't Hospice Care only for those who have cancer?

Hospice Care is received by an individual when a Physician has determined that they have a life limiting illness, and a life expectancy of six months or less without medical intervention.

Do you provide Durable Medical Equipment?

Yes. A patient may receive, based on nurse evaluation, Durable Medical Equipment ranging from an oxygen tank, oxygen concentrator and a bedside commode to a wheelchair, walker, hospital bed and more.